We seek for a natural, meticulous management, making sure that, at every stage of its development, grapes receive a gentle handling.

After the grapes are transported to the winery, different parcels of land are specifically identified and controlled according to the grape origin. This is the way to know and assess the potential in each wine to respect the maximum capacity that the vineyard may offer.

We use the gravity flow winemaking process as a more gentle way of handling the fruit so as not to damage the grains, and then to achieve an optimal fermentation. This process enables the wines to develop a great fruit expression and a suitable wood component, resulting from the careful selection of French and American oak barrels.

To maintain its complexity and promote its texture and final persistence, none of our wines are clarified.

Our production style allows us to closely monitor all the works in the vineyard to ensure that the wines be the authentic expression of our vineyard and terroir.